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Being Bob Means Never Having To Say "I'm Bored"

"All Work And
No Play Makes
Bob A Dull Boy!"

If you're like most Bobs, then you are a pretty fun guy to be around. In fact, people probably go around saying things like, "Boy! That Bob is sure a fun guy to have around!", or "Hey! Bob's here! Now it'll really be a party!". It seems as though people lean on us Bobs just a little harder than they do others when they are looking for some excitement. We have a reputation to uphold because nobody likes a Boring Bob.

This page can be used as a reference tool for Bobs who need to sharpen their entertainment skills, or for those scientific types who are sucking up government grant money to do some sort of research project, like studying and trying to figure out what makes a Bob tick (lots of luck!). Regardless of the reason , we hope your visit here will somehow improve the overall quality of your life....or at least a few moments of it!



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Here's a party game idea that was sent to Bob by a lady named Elaine, who came up with the game as one of the activites for an office party she planned. Much like bingo and other ice-breaker games, it is very simple to play, and you can actually create the entire gameboard and tokens with a few pieces of thick paper board (like from the back of a notebook or something), a pair of scissors, and a pen or marker. You'll also need a box, hat, or some sort of container to hold the game piece tokens. This will be called the "pool".

Each player gets a card with a tic-tac-toe grid on it. Inside each block on the grid is a description of a famous Bob. In the "pool", there are round tokens, with last names the Bobs described on the cards. Players take turns in a clockwise pattern, each "bobbing" for a Bob token from a bag, box, or other container used as a pool. To start the game, Bob always goes first. If there are no Bobs in the group, then the player who's first name is closest to "Bob" alphabetically goes first.

If the last name on the token drawn matches any of the descriptions on his game card, player places the token over it, and draws again. For example, if a square says "Scrooge's clerk", player would cover that square with a token that says "Cratchit". If the token does not match, it is returned to the pool and the play passes to the left. Play continues until a player covers three squares in a row and shouts "BOB!" to win.

Game Submitted By Elaine Ayers ~ THANK YOU!

Play BOB Words ~ A Brain Exercise Game For Everyone!
Here's fast-paced BOB-themed party game that's not only fun, its so easy that virtually anyone can play! All you need is a pencil and piece of paper for each player. Players vie to see who can form the most words using the letters in the word "BOB". RULES FOR PLAY: You may not use the same letter twice unless it appears more than once in the original word. Words starting and ending with the same letter are not permitted, nor are words that rhyme with the word "BOB". The winner is the first person to find a word.

New Bob Online Game Found!

  Just when you thought being Bob couldn't be any more fun, here comes yet another reason to be proud of your name. While busy wasting time surfing the web and looking for something pointless and fun to do, Bob discovered a cool game called Big Bob's Burger Joint. It puts you in the kitchen of a fast food restaurant and you have to fix the burgers, fries, shakes, soda pop, and everything else that customers order. You have goals to reach, recipes to unlock, and lots of fun playing it. It is so cool that Bob is providing a link below for you to click on if you wanna check it out for yourself. But be warned....don't go there unless you have time to kill. This game can be very addictive.









$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $
The Bob Club Million Dollar Giveaway

Need Cash? We have good news and great news! The good news is, The Bob Club is giving away millions of tax-free dollars in cold hard cash over the next several months. The great news is that we're sharing this incredible wealth with just about everyone! Everybody is eligible to play, regardless of age or name, and there are no official rules to worry about. In fact, you may have already been playing without even knowing it! How is the game played you wonder? How much of this humongous cash give-away is going to be yours, you ask? Well, just grab yourself a chair, scooch a little closer, and keep reading!

We have stashed various amounts of money, in cash, in thousands of secret locations all across America, and it is up to you to find the loot to determine how much cash you'll collect. The cash rewards are in various amounts from one cent on up to random large amounts. As with all games, the likelyhood of finding the really big prizes are slimmer than the one cent odds. To win one of these cash prizes, all you have to do is pay close attention to the clues, and look for moolah!

Where is the game being played?
There has been no place in the country left untouched by our clever money hiding team. These guys are good! Every city, town, village, nook, and cranny has been inpilferated, and these cash prizes have both been well hidden and placed right out in the open, so look everywhere. Indoors and out, public buildings and private, quite possibly even in your own home during a random visit from one of our undercover Bob Club money hiders.

Because we want everyone to win, we are going to give you some clues here to help you in your search for the treasures. Start off by looking down when you walk, especially down a sidewalk or across a parking lot. This is how many of the cash prizes will be found, but mostly these will be in the 1-10 cent range, with an occasional quarter being dropped here and there. Every once in a great while, we'll drop a dollar bill or two into a gutter, just to add excitement to the game and to keep people actively playing. Now and then you can even find a wad of bills rolled up or bound together inside a fancy money clip lying in between parked cars at shopping malls and supermarkets.

We have a strange fondness for putting various amounts of change under couch and chair cushions, and love to sprinkle coins into ladies' purses so they can trickle to the bottom and hide among the gums, nail files and other items. Another place to look for the money we've hidden is in the coin return slots of vending machines and pay telephones. The more

  adventurous gold-digger will look under very low profile objects such as pop machines, washing machines, and refrigerators, and can often times reap great rewards. Some of our craftiest money hiders were even sneaky enough to get money into the pockets of clothing that were waiting to be washed. There have even been reports of folks finding money hidden in the pockets of clothes purchased at garage sales and second hand stores!

As you can see, we have worked very hard to get all of this tax-free money out there to be claimed. And, as long as people are continuing to play, we will keep on spreading the money around for you to find and have fun with. So, the next time you find a penny or a dollar laying along the sidewalk, just pick it up, put it in your pocket and say, "Thanks, Bob!".

Here's An Interesting "Bob" Video Submitted By A The Creators of Planet Bob .... Enjoy!

Here's A Video Bob Stumbled Across While Googling Himself. It's About A New Product
Called Bob's Pickle Pops. Pretty Cool, Even Though The Creator's Name Is John.

This Video Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Bob Or The Bob Club. In Fact, It Should Be On The Bill Club Instead Of Here, But It Is Just So Darned Cute I Couldn't Help But Share It!

Here's Another Really Cool Video Has Nothing To Do With Bob....Except That Bob Thought It Was Really Cool! It Features A Laser Beam That That Does Neat Sight & Sound Tricks



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