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"It's A Bob Thing....
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You'd Understand!"


Believe it or not, it isn't always easy to be Bob. Simply being a "Bob" is no outrageous feat in and of itself....all you have to do is be born. Beyond that, things get a little more complicated, and soon the real challenge of being a Bob begins. It usually starts off with being called "Bobby", because Dad probably has the name "Bob" sewn up already, and people don't want to get you confused (as if the age difference wouldn't be a clue?). As a Bobby gets older, he wants to develop his own identity as a "Bob", but the Bobby image seems to hang on forever and ever.

As a rule, Bobs are generally good-natured people, despite some of the goofy nick-names people come up with for us. It seems that some people can't be satisfied with just calling us "Bob". They have to add stuff to it, like "Bob-A-Loo", "Bob-A-Reno", "Bob-A-Linsky", and other odd variations. And, there's always someone who thinks they are being original by calling a Bob "Boob". It's B-O-B. It's is not hard to spell, and even easier to say, but some folks just can't get it right no matter how hard they try! Being the good natured souls that we are, however, we just nod and smile and go on with living the life of Bob.

Here, in Bobology 101, we'll present interesting Bob Facts to help others understand us better and see us for what we really are (Bobs!) We didn't choose the name ourselves, but we've all learned to deal with it and move forward without hatred or ill will towards those who have blessed us with the gift of life. And most of us would prefer to be called Bob than Robert, Rob or Robby. But please remember, none of us like being called "Boob".


The name "Bob" is a palindrome, meaning it is spelled the same backward as it is forward. It is easy to say and easy to spell, even for those who suffer from dyslexia. But where did such name so simple that even a baby can correctly pronounce it originate?

The name "BOB" dates all the way back to the Medieval period, and was used, as it still is today, as a shortened name for "Robert". Interestingly, there were other rhyming variations of the name "Bob", including Hob, Nob and Dob. None of those last three were as popular and eventually fell by the wayside, and are seldom used by anyone, except perhaps someone who might hob-nob with a fellow named Dob.

The full name of "ROBERT" is of English, French, and Scandanavian origin. It means "bright fame", and was derived from Germanic the elements "hrod", meaning fame, and "beraht", meaning bright. The name of Robert was introduced to Britain by the Normans, and has become one of the most popular and common first names given to children in America through the centuries. Oddly, however, most guys named Robert prefer to be called "Bob".


What does the dictionary say "BOB" means? According to Miriam-Webster, it has several interesting definitions.

1. to strike with a quick light blow: RAP
2. to move up and down in a short quick movement
3. to polish with a bob: BUFF
4. to nod or curtsy briefly
5. to try to seize a suspended or floating object with the teeth

1. a short quick down-and-up motion
2. Scottish: any of several folk dances
3. obsolete: a blow or tap especially with the fist
4. a modification of the order in change ringing
5. a small polishing wheel of solid felt or leather with rounded edges
6. a hanging ball or weight (as on a plumb line)
7. the veal of a very young or unborn calf
8. (slang) a shilling in Olde English currency

1. obsolete: to take by fraud

Bobology 101 Is Always Under Development....More Coming Soon!


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