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Since 2003, Bobs from all over the world have been sending in their names to be included on the ever-growing Big Bob List of People, Places, and Things Named Bob. There are some other nice folks who have submitted some interesting Bob related facts and information. Thank you all for participating and making The Bob Club such an enjoyable website to keep up with for the past many years!

On the name submission form, there is a box for comments. Well, it seems that Bobs have a lot to say, and most have a completely different way of saying just about anything. This page includes a few of the dozens of interesting comments that Bob regularly receives from other guys named Bob.

If you would like to join in on the fun and have a chance to have your comments included, all you have to do is either add your name to the Big Bob List of People, Places and Things Named Bob, or enter the Name The Bobs contest. There are comment boxes on both forms. Due to time and space restraints, not all comments that are submitted will be posted, but rest assured that all comments are read and enjoyed by Bob himself, so please keep them coming!

Beyond the comments from Bobs, there are also comments that have been submitted by friends and family members of someone named Bob. Those will be found at the end of this page in a special section called "What Other People Say About Bob". Bob feels that this section is important because it shows him and other Bobs how the rest of you sees us. Which brings to mind an interesting question for those of us who are Bobs...isn't life really boring when you're NOT a Bob?

Here's What Bob Said:

I spell mine inside out at times! "OBO"

Bob Rocco ~ Pahrump, Nevada

"Only The IRS calls me Robert!"

Bob Eubanks ~ Host of "The Newlywed Show"

"Being Bob means that almost everyone treats you as if they'd known you for years - even if it's the first time they meet you."

Bob Cummings (1910-1990) ~ Actor, "Love That Bob"

The following is an exerpt from BBC Blackadder Sitcom

Edmund: "Isn't Kate a bit of a girls name?"
Kate (Blackadder's man servant): "Yes, it's short for erm... Bob!"

Submitted by an anonymous visitor...Bob considers this a nice find...Thank you!

We bobs are a dying breed, at least according popular baby name lists. As a kid, my uncle rhythmically dubbed me "ribbity-bibbity-babbity-bob" I like throwing people off, correcting the spelling of my name, in jest, "No, it's B-A-W-B or B-A-H-B".

Bob Ashley ~ Berwick, Nova Scotia

Fanbobbytastic - its about time!

Bobby Lyons ~ Halifax, UK

"Thanks for all the fish!"

Bob Craig ~ Cincinnati, Ohio

I Love being a BOB, It's easy to spell and it reads the same frontwards, backwards and upside-down! Long live the BOB's of the world!

Bob Wall ~ Tustin, California

I've lived in Hot Springs, AR. for 15 years now. Many people call me California Bob, as that's were I'm from. I just sold a mattress business two months ago here in Hot Springs that I had for seven years called "Boxspring Bob" this of course is why my email address is as such. I had a business in the 80's in Stockton, CA. called Waterbed Kingdon of which everyone including my business cards said,"Waterbed Bob, Sleep Doctor" I like this list. Thanks

Robert "Bob" Reece ~ Hot Springs, Arkansas

Pretty Interesting. I didn't realize there were so many popular BOBS!

Bob Ferrell ~ Frankfort, Indiana

My Cheese Plant is called bob, so it's it's dad. It's Huge and has a charature of it's own!

Bob Cheese Plant ~ London, UK

I think it's great .. so I thought I'd get my "two bobs worth"

Bob Perry ~ Adelaide, Australia

Totally "Rad", Icon status for Bob, remember if your mother didn't love ya' she wouldn't have named ya' BOB.

Bob Harvell ~ Arab, Alabama

Meow,Meow,Meow. Meow, meow, meow, meow. Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow.

Bob The Cat Langoni ~ Aurora, Ohio


Bobby Earles ~ The Dalles, Oregon

I am enjoying your website. How about a stupid joke: What do you call someone who just drowned in your backyard pool? Answer: Bob

Bob Missggia ~ Kendall Park, New Jersey

Hey! This site rocks!! Finally, a tribute to our genius!

Bobby Deigan ~ Louisville, Kentucky

Pretty darn cool!!

Bob Graham ~ Battle Creek, Michigan

I'm proud to be a Bob among Bobs. My website is There are lots of Bob Longs, many of whom are musicians or entertainers. When I was a kid in school the kids called me, "Oblong." Thanks, Bob Long

Bob Long ~ Santa Barbara, California

In a world of long, complicated, non-palindromic names, I'm proud to count myself among the growing list of men and women who go by that simple moniker, Bob.

Bob Winston ~ Chicago, Illinois


Here's some comments that have been submitted by people who aren't Bobs, but have a Bob in their lives. It seems that Bobs are very well loved and thought of often by friends and family alike!

I'm the proud daughter of the Bob I have now added onto your listing, and yes-an interesting website. I think it has personality throughout it's entirety! I really enjoyed looking at the creative names people came up with, the separate category listings, oh, and not to forget-the nicknames that were sometimes added on, which can be helpful when trying to locate that one, special Bob. Anywho,...Thank you!! I think you finally answered the big mystery question that people are always asking, "So, what about Bob?"

Daughter of Bob Fickes, Northglenn, Colorado

I think Bob is the friendliest and cutest name EVER! So I named my cat Bob. Bobcat. I hope he makes it into your site because he wants to become famous. thank you from Australia.

Owner of "Bob Cat" ~ Sydney, New Sout Wales, Australia

Love the website but not as much as Bob Smoots does! Bob is an alternative school principal, prior teacher, and prior coach. He is retiring this year after 35 years in education and I have a "before and after" picture of Bob that I would love to submit. Bob is quite a character!!! His personal motto, which he says EVERY morning over the P.A. is, "Remember, every day is a good day, some are just better than others!"

Friend of Bob Smoots ~ Pleasant Lake, Michigan


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